Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Day 2 of University

Found some new friends today! Haven't really had the chance to talk to many people as it was just boring talks again today and registering and getting ID cards etc. Wore my new snakeskin dress with thigh high knitted socks which was perfect for the sunny weather!

snakeskin dress - H&M, leather jacket - H&M, thigh high socks - river island, brogues - river island, hat - primark


Monday, 26 September 2011

First day of University

...was rubbish! Had to sit through loads of reeeeeally boring talks by our tutors, hanged with my friend from college and we didn't really see much of anyone else... but it's only the first day so I guess I will get to know everyone soon enough :) Looking forward to getting stuck in and starting projects. Although I didn't have to be in till 11, I am now absolutely knackered! Need lots of early nights this week but it's freshers week so everyone is expected to be out every single night. I know I won't be! I'm going shopping tonight with my boyfriend but i'll probably go out a few times this week as long as I make friends with the others. I'm living at home so it's hassle to go out and get lifts home and stuff, whereas those who live on campus it's easy they can just walk home... so I need to befriend someone who lives at uni ha. Anyway this is what I wore today (sorry for the crap photos my SLR camera has broken so i'm using my digital camera whilst it's being repaired):

skirt - DIY, guns n roses top - bootsale, jacket - ebay/DIY, boots - dr martens, bag - smooth criminal, turban - ebay

gun necklace - ebay, bracelets - charity shop, skull ring - asos

And here's a few things I bought while shopping yesterday thanks to my cute boyfriend!

Snake print dress, £19.99, H&M

Bright pink suede skirt, £14.99, H&M. Got home to realise the security tag is still on it!! How annoying... so I have to take it back to the shop to get it removed. That will be embarrassing walking in!

Leopard print skirt, £14.99, H&M

Fur bag, £10, Smooth Criminal... cheapest chavviest shop ever but this caught my eye in the window and it's exactly like the one I wanted from River Island last year!

Red high waisted leggings, £7.99, H&M

Fur gilet, £17.99, H&M

And look what my mum got me from the bootsale, this amazing Zara studded jacket for just £3! It's amazing, so heavy and studded all over!

Off shopping to brent cross with my boyfriend tonight. He needs a new suit and I might buy some creepers (if they have the ones I want) and I need some new socks lol.


Saturday, 24 September 2011

Shopping with Mummy

We popped into town as my beloved SLR camera has died :( I'm so upset, it just won't turn on. We've had it sent off for repair and i'm preying that it isn't gonna cost too much. It'll be atleast £50, but could be more. Perfect timing considering I am now a poor student. How annoying.

Anyway, my mum treated me to some bits today. She doesn't do this often but when she does she's so generous the cutie :) She's a "money saving expert" and always gets bargains, but she does like to treat me every now and then, so it was a bit of a surprise when she bought me such lovely things! I got two pairs of shoes and thigh high socks from River Island and some more socks and leopard print gloves and scarf from H&M. We went to pay in H&M and realised the leather trousers i'd picked up had a big rip in the back seam, and they only offered us a £3 discount! So I left them and she just ordered them for me online along with a fur fox tail. I'm a happy girl :) Retail therapy definitely puts me in a good mood.

Brogues £20, boots £40, both River Island.

White socks £5.99, H&M, beige socks £8, River Island.

Gloves £12.99, scarf £7.99, both H&M.

I ordered these two online, can't wait till they arrive:


Friday, 23 September 2011

Naked Eyes

I usually wear lots of black eye make-up but I didn't today. I couldn't be bothered. I'm sooo bored being at home every day, everyone is at work including my friends. So the only thing I really do is get dressed to take photos for Lookbook. Is that sad? I start university on Monday. Can't wait to get back to reality, 4 months of doing nothing has actually left me exhausted, as silly as that sounds. I can't get up before 11am, even if I set my alarm I just press snooze and fall asleep again. Even when I wake up at 1pm, i'm so so tired all throughout the day and just look forward to bed.

The only thing productive i've done today is alter this leather skirt. It's vintage Ralph Lauren and I found it at a jumble sale! For 20p! It was like a tight skirt and was way too big for me, so I put elastic in the waist and now it fits lovely and is a much nicer shape.


Hope you all had a lovely day. I'm not out tonight but my boyfriend is cooking steaks for us so i'm looking forward to that. We had planned to go out to eat, but he said if we stay in he will have more money to buy me clothes tomorrow. So of course i'd rather stay in haha.


Thursday, 22 September 2011


I am seeing Rihanna live at the O2 in two weeks! Sooo excited. But more importantly what am I going to wear?!?! I need to get planning and I need a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Night Walks pronto.

A bit of a coincidence, there's this jumper I fell in love with that she was wearing in her Only Girl video. I love the video, it's so vintage, the flowers and pastel colours are so cute with her red hair. I spotted a jumper really similar from River Island a while ago, but it was around £35 which is a bit much for a bargain hunter like me! I searched for it on eBay but failed at finding one.

Then today, whilst tidying up rails in the charity shop I was working in, I ONLY FOUND IT DIDN'T I?! I literally died, I have wanted it for so long and I gave up in the end. It was hiding behind some gross fleeces and granny coats. It is sooo perfect! I'm so happy!

It's the cutest, softest fabric, I think the style is called "eyelash". Can't wait to wear it in the winter!


Wednesday, 21 September 2011

She's Got Standards

I couldn't think of a name for this look so I asked my boyfriend to name the first song title that popped into his head and it actually sounds quite good haha. I'm wearing the sheer skirt I made yesterday and I think i'm gonna wear it on my first day of university next Monday. First impressions are a must and I can't look boring on my first day can I!

skirt - DIY, top - charity shop, jacket - H&M, boots - Dr Martens

I found this camel coloured leather jacket in the H&M sale a few months ago for around £5 I think. It's a bit small for me but it was the only one left and I just had to have it! I'm thinking of selling these Dr Martens to buy a non-patent pair (what's the word?!), i'm not really feeling the shinyness of these!

Not sure why I look so moody in these photos...


Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Feeling creative

For some reason I was really motivated today to actually get up and do something productive! Yesterday I bought some fabric and elastic and planned to make a couple of maxi skirts. I'm so glad I did, I usually start a project then end up getting distracted and leaving it half finished, but I actually finished this one and made  two skirts! I also made another leopard print cross top from my tutorial here. I am quite tall and find it so hard to find maxi skirts that are the right length. I also like them high waisted which makes it even harder to find that perfect one. They also seem to be very expensive, in River Island I saw one I liked but it was like, £40! I thought sod that i'll make my own. It seemed pretty easy so I bought the material and just hoped it would go right, I didn't use a tutorial or anything. I made a bright pink one out of a silky fabric (to match my hair!) and a sheer white one.

From this... into these!

I also bought a new hanging rail for my room. Two wardrobes isn't enough anymore! It's so cute, it matches my room perfectly. It's cream and vintage style, too cute! I'm using it just for my favourite clothes, and clothes that i've never worn so hopefully it will encourage me to wear them for once!

In other news, I start university on Monday! I'm nervous but excited too. Freshers week should be good fun! I've been sitting around doing nothing all summer so i'm glad i'll finally be able to wear all my new clothes out... I don't go out much as it's always raining and most of my friends work full time, so I never really get to dress nicely. If I do it's just for a photo for Lookbook or something, and that's effort!


Saturday, 17 September 2011

Casino & Jumble Sale

I went to a casino last night for my friend's 20th birthday. I've never been to one before, it was SO FUN! I went with £30 and left with £65, and I bought cheesy chips and some drinks and even after that I was £35 up! I can see how it can be addictive though, you need to know when to stop, and when to gamble or walk away! I didn't know how to play any of the games but got the hang of it in the end and really enjoyed it!

It was full of old men though and 7 of us walked in wearing dresses and heels, we got the usual looks from the old pervs haha but it was fun and a rich man who was chatting us up gave my friend £100 worth of chips and said go treat yourself for your birthday! How lucky is she!

This morning I went to two jumble sales! I got so much stuff and only spent about £8. This lot I got at the first one for £3.90, including scarves, vintage clothes, christmas knit jumper, belts and a purse:

And this is what I got at the second one; more clothes, a fox tail, vintage bag etc:

 Vintage aztec bag and jumper

 Tooth charm

 Fox tail and cat umbrella

Overall a successful morning! Now watching the "Secret Life of Bees" film with my mum, it's about black people in America in the 1960's, so shocking and disgusting how they were treated. :(