Wednesday, 31 August 2011

My first Lookbook "look"

I posted my first photo ever on today! Watch me get zero hypes, lol. Overall this outfit cost me just under £16. Bargain, right?!

Please hype me!

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Bedroom makeover!

It took us (me, my mum and my dad) 2 days to actually clean, move around etc. It’s SO small yet it takes me sooo long to tidy it! So I gave it a good clean, had a big clear out, got a new mattress, bedding and canopy for my bed, organised my drawers, and it looks sooooooo much better! It looks so much bigger too, even though it’s so small.
This is it before, disgusting right?! I’m awful at keeping it tidy.
We completely emptied it and turned my bed round the other way, luckily my new Laura Ashley bed frame (bargain at £77 on eBay) fit perfectly!
I wish I didn’t have so much stuff, because it’d be so tidy and look like this all the time!

I kept getting distracted by The Sims! Which is probably why it took me so long. It’s so addictive, p.s. how pretty is my Sim?!

I got some gorgeous new bedding from Ikea for £15. My wallpaper is quite a busy pattern so I can’t have any bedding that’s too floral.
I got a new mattress and new bedding and it looks SO cosy, don’t you just want to dive in!?!?!?!?!
Cushions, I love the union jack. Ignore that ugly lamp, it went in the bin and I bought a new one :)
Chest from eBay for around £30. Found this cute cross in my garage! Photo of me and my mum on my prom day :)
My cute photo heart
My chest of drawers. It was gross and brown, I bought it from eBay for £16, went and collected it, painted it with pink Laura Ashley paint, put new glass knobs on and it turned out quite cute :)
Bits and bobs on the top including vintage glass things, perfume bottle, great nan’s old mirror and jewellery.
My new canopy! I love it and it was only £7 from Ikea. I feel like a little girl again in a princess tent lol. My boyfriend isn’t too fond (we share a bedroom, he lives with me) but he will have to get over it :)
How cosy! That’s my new lamp, £16.99 from Dunelm. My laptop with the Sims Social game on Facebook, I am addicted it haha.
Last one I promise :) but it cracked me up, we had to roll up the mattress to fit it in the car to take it to the dump… well by we I mean my mum and dad, they had to sit on it to squash it lol.

Saturday, 20 August 2011


These are a just a few things i'm dying for... this month has been too long, I can't wait to get paid!

 Stolen Girlfriends Club cable knit hot pants, they seem to be sold out everywhere but i've seen a similar pair from Zara.
 Topshop leopard print quilted jacket, once I go to uni it will be getting chilly and I need some cute coats.
A Cath Kidston laptop case for my new Macbook Pro, I bought a couple of bags from there on my weekend in London and I regret not buying a case!

 Lilac Dr Martens, just because they're so cute
Colour block wedges in blue, red, pink and lime

American Apparel Disco Pants, I have been lusting over these for a while but they are pretty pricey. I want red and black ones, they look soo flattering and I love that they're high waisted!

And of course the JC Lana, I adore these, I think my boyfriend's gonna treat me to them when he gets paid!

There's so much more I want, but what girl doesn't have a long wishlist?! 

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Tutorial: DIY Splashed Bleach Shorts

So a lot of people have asked me how I did my "splashed effect" bleached shorts that I put in my giveaway. It's like the easiest thing ever so anyone can do it!

You will need:

  • A pair of shorts (I used a pair of old high waisted jeans and cut them into shorts)
  • A bottle of thick bleach (the one you use to clean toilets)
That's it! And make sure you do it outside because you DO NOT want to get bleach anywhere in your house!

 1) Lay them on the floor, I did it in my garden

2) Get your bleach and literally just sprinkle it on

 3) Leave them to soak, I just put them on the garden table, so somewhere where it doesn't matter if bleach drips onto it.

 4) They should now look something like this

5) Put them in the washing machine, on their own, and turn it to any option similar to "Freshen up/Rinse"

 6) When you have rinsed them, hang them out to dry and you're done!


Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Went to The Crazy Bear today

I went to an amazing restaurant called The Crazy Bear today, it is BEAUTIFUL! I went a while ago to the Thai section, but we had an English afternoon lunch today along with lots of cocktails! It is seriously the most amazing resaturant/bar/hotel I have ever been to. If you ever get the chance to go you must. I went to the one in Beaconsfield, but there is one in London and a few more elsewhere. Everything is just so glamorous! Huge crystal chandeliers, quilted sofas with diamonds instead of buttons, padded walls, velvet walls, completely mirrored toilets! I cant even describe how amazing it was but I will post a few photos of it. I went with my boyfriends family but it was a ladies only day so he wasn't allowed to come! hehe. His aunty who I adore got me a gorgeous Moschino purse, and I got a few other lovely bits. 


Wednesday, 3 August 2011

I've neglected this blog! Updating you!

I'm very sorry, i'm just so addicted to Tumblr that I have neglected my poor blogspot. I promise to start posting more on here :)

So i'll start with what i've been up to lately! I went to visit my nan in Newquay, Cornwall on Thursday, then went to Weymouth for 1 night on Monday, then to Monkey World, and got home yesterday. It was a lovely few days and I did LOADS of charity shop shopping! Since I last posted I also went to Tenerife with my boyfriend.

It's my birthday this Friday (5th August) and my boyfriend got me a Macbook Pro! So i'm suuuper happy and have been on it every second of every day ever since (he gave me it a couple of weeks early, it had already arrived and I couldn't bare to put it away till my birthday!).

Here are some photos of things i've bought and things i've done recently!

 Frozen Daquiri cocktail!
 Delicious food in our favourite restaurant Watermelon in Tenerife, overlooking the sea
 Me by the fountains in Tenerife
 My favourite bikini bottoms!
 As you can tell I LOVE black and white stripes
 My boy in the cute booths at a club in Tenerife
 The amazingly cute monkeys at Monkey Park Tenerife!
 Sequin top, £4, charity shop in Newquay
 Vintage Christian Dior tights, 50p each, charity shop
 Bag, £3.99, glasses, £1.49, charity shop
 Vintage metallic dress, £3.99, charity shop
 Vintage Dr Martens, £15, vintage store called Enjoy Clothing in Truro
 Boots, £8, car boot sale
 Foundations 90p each, fake tans £1.50 each, cleanser 50p, USB port thing 50p
 Leather shorts, £9, Topshop sale
 Polkadot shirt, £1.99, charity shop
 Vintage red blazer, £2.99, charity shop
 Leopard print fabric £1.99, House of Holland tights £1.49, bow tie 50p, belts 25p each, all charity shop
 The amazing vintage shop I went to in Truro, called Enjoy Clothing
 The badges in Enjoy Clothing
 Sunbathing on the beach in Weymouth, it was so hot!
 My mummy at the cocktail bar we went to in Weymouth...
 ...we also had an amazing view of the fireworks from our table, which were to celebrate the water sport Olympics being held there next year!
 The view from our B&B, we woke up to this, so relaxing hearing the sound of the waves in the night!
Me enjoying a strawberry Daquiri in the cocktail bar!