Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Tutorial: DIY Bleached, Dyed & Studded Shorts

I loveee customising clothes, especially shorts... so thought i'd do another tutorial! Today I am going to show you how to cut up shorts, bleach, dye, stud and frey. Enjoy!
You will need:
  • A pair of old jeans, preferably high waisted ones (old levis, or similar)
  • Fabric dye (I used Dylon in Powder Pink)
  • A bottle of thin bleach (28p for a huge bottle in Sainsburys)
  • Rubber gloves
  • Scissors
  • Studs

So here we go!

1) Cut up your shorts to the length you would like them. You can just cut a straight line across, but I prefer to have them a bit longer at the back so my bum doesn't hang out! Keep trying them on to make sure they are the perfect length. Also allow for freying.

 2) Put them in the washing up bowl and pour the whole bottle of bleach over them. It does take a while to work, so leave it for a day. I know it's annoying to wait :( Every now and then put on your rubber gloves and move them around. If you don't there will be dark blue patches.

 3) When they are done, put them in a "rinse wash" in the washing machine to rinse out all the bleach. On mine the option is "Freshen up/rinse". Put them in separately, on their own.

4) Now fill up the washing up bowl with cold water, enough to cover the shorts. Pour in the sachet of powder dye and stir it. Put your shorts in and leave them for about an hour. Make sure to move them around (wearing gloves) every now and then so the colour is even.

5) When they are done, leave them to dry on the washing line or on an airer. They should now look something like this :) I think this dye is a little too light so next time i'll use a darker one. To frey the edge, get your scissors and scrape along quite roughly and the threads should start to come out. Then pull them down untill they are long. You might want to put them in the wash now, as this will frey them a lot more and make them look nicer. It might also fade the colour though, so it's up to you :)

6) Now to stud :) Studs have little legs, which you poke through and fold down. So take your shorts, and stud to your heart's content! I'm putting mine in lines so the back looks like this. Try and keep them as neat/straight as possible.

7) This is how I did mine, I think it turned out okay! My shorts are now complete :) Wasn't that easy?!

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Tutorial: DIY fringed tee

Have been wanting to do this for a while, and when my friend came round on Friday wearing a plain khaki coloured fringed tee I was shocked that it cost her over £25 from Topshop... really what? It's only a t-shirt cut up! So I decided to make a few of my own :)

You will need:

  • Any top/t-shirt
  • Scissors
And that is all :)
 1) Lay your tee on a flat surface, I used the kitchen table.
 2) Cut off the hem
 3) Cut through the front and back of the top into thin strips.

 4) Pull on all of the tassles and stretch them down. Be careful not to pull too hard though, I accidently ripped a few off!
And there you have it :) Saved yourself a small fortune and you have an adorable on-trend tee. Pair it with high waisted Levi's for the perfect outfit!


First outfit post

I never really take pictures of my outfits and I am usually in ugly work clothes which aren't even worthy of a photo! But this is the most recent one taken on Friday :) I am wearing:

striped jacket - Motel
white blouse - Primark
skinny jeans - Primark
heels - ASOS but from charity shop
earrings - Topshop sale

and ofcourse a big ponytail full of hair extensions!

Lucy xxx

Recent purchases

Haven't posted in a while, not that anyone is reading haha, gosh it's hard to get a blog started and become known when i have only 1 follower. Anyway i've bought a lot recently, here are some of my buys. I haven't even had time to photograph everything i got at the car boot sale today!

 granny blazer, £5.99, charity shop
 JIMMY CHOOS?!! yes!! 100% genuine. £8, car boot sale
 box of vintage brooches, £5, bootsale
 vintage rucksack, £1, bootsale
 topshop fringed dress, £4.50, charity shop
 peter pan collar skater dress, £3.75, charity shop
 lace shirt, £2.25, charity shop
 floral dress, £3.99, charity shop
 floral dress, £3.99, charity shop
 asos heels, £3.99, charity shop
 vintage shorts, £2.50, charity shop
 hold ups, 49p, charity shop
 bits and bobs, £3, bootsale
 dresses, £1 each, bootsale
 dr martens, £10, bootsale
 blouse, £38, topshop
 banana leggings, £20, topshop
 dress, £40, topshop
 dress, £30, red herring
full circle skirt, £29.99, river island