Wednesday, 28 December 2011

My Dream Wedding

It's not weird that i've already started planning my wedding is it? What girl doesn't dream of a beautiful white dress, the perfect venue and of course a paradise honeymoon?

Ok so i'm not planning to get married any time soon, but I work at weddings and parties as a waitress, setting up and clearing up and on the bar. So I see lots of weddings, some quite tacky but also some beautiful ones, which give me lots of ideas for my own. You also see just how much effort goes in to a wedding, there is SO much to plan and organise. And if one little thing goes wrong it can ruin your whole day, we have had a few crying brides!

My dream dress would be white gothic style lace with a high neck and an open back. I fell in love with this Elie Saab dress from the Fall 2009 collection, as seen on Rihanna. It is perfect and totally my style! I adore the cut out back detail, front slit and feathers around the neck. It hangs so beautifully on the body!

Of course my outfit isn't complete without a killer pair of heels! I couldn't bare to wear a traditional pair of silver strappy kitten heels - the thought of a low heel makes me sick... although these would leave me towering over my husband! These Louboutins are perfect...

Thinking about my wedding gets me all excited!  I want a delicious sit down meal, and I really really want sushi as the starter. My mum said "not many people like sushi!" but I think if I offer an alternative dish, atleast it's there to try. I don't see what there isn't to like about sushi, it's amazing! I'll have a top photographer, a great band - one of my boyfriend's friends is in a band called The Rifles and he said he'd love to have them sing at our wedding (not that we are engaged or anything!). It will be vintage/shabby chic themed, and very very English. Me and my mum have already started collecting vintage floral tea cups! Here's a few inspirational pictures from my scrap book...

 I love the idea of using old jam jars as drinks glasses. The homemade labels are also adorable, and those pink candy cane straws are so pretty!
 On each table will be a polaroid or a desposable camera, to get lots of very personal photos of my friends and family. Guests will also get a cute table gift each including a scratch card :)

I've just got toooo many ideas to even write about! But you get the idea.

Anyone else started planning their wedding?
What ideas do you have?


  1. That is the cuttest weeding ever! I love your ideas very sweet ones i like it :)
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  2. I'd love a shabby chic themed wedding too, love the jam jar idea :) And I love The Rifles! x

  3. i love love your blog , im now following xoxo

  4. Love that pink lemonade thing, so cute!! love your blog


  5. Yes literally, changing your plans into reality with family and everyone else in the mix, it not as easy as everyone makes it.....makes me want to have a destination wedding at times!!!! lol...

  6. This post just made me love you! You are adorable and your wedding ideas are beautiful!! I love the dress, I can totally imagine you in it, the top half is just amazingly constructed! The picture ideas you posted are fantastic! I love the garden idea you have going on its really cute! I also find it soo sweet you and your mom collect tea cups! XD :DD

    For my own wedding, I'd want some thing small and personal that way I can go all out on the venue, decor and dress and of course go on a lonnnggggg honeymoon! :D Best wishes

  7. I love your way of celebrating wedding. I am really inspired this blog.
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