Monday, 24 October 2011

Neutral and Neon

I didn't manage to take any outfit photos today so I quickly got my mum to take some just now, all my make-up has rubbed off so I had to crop out my awful face! I promise to start taking better quality outfit photos!

I found this neon chiffon top in a charity shop the other day and since I have gone mad for neon colours this season, I just had to have it. And at £2.49 it was a bit of a bargain! Since it is so bright I paired it with a pair of neutral coloured leggings to tone it down a bit. I wore it with my silver creepers, leather jacket and lots of silver jewellery.

neon green top - charity shop, riding pants - american apparel, gun necklace - ebay

30 Day Challenge - Day 2 - Your favourite shirt

I don't particularly have a favourite, so I found this one quite hard to choose! I just picked out two that I think are cute:

 galaxy shirt -

leopard print velvet shirt - charity shop

I've never actually worn this shirt as I was waiting till it got cooler as it's quite a thick material. Now that it's cold I can't wait to introduce it to my winter wardrobe! :) 

In other news, my car failed it's MOT today, SUCH a pain! Apparently it's gonna cost loads to fix so we're just gonna sell it on and get a new one. My dad's already found one which his mechanic friend is selling, so atleast I won't be without a car for too long. I've banned myself from buying any more clothes for a while, I REALLY want a Mini Cooper, and I could so easily save for one if I didn't buy so many clothes and shoes! So that's my plan.

Have a lovely evening guyyysss.



  1. That leopard shirt looks amazing! xxo

  2. Soo the only way I can comment is though my old AIM sn hahaha but anyway,

    I love the nude and neon!


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