Saturday, 24 September 2011

Shopping with Mummy

We popped into town as my beloved SLR camera has died :( I'm so upset, it just won't turn on. We've had it sent off for repair and i'm preying that it isn't gonna cost too much. It'll be atleast £50, but could be more. Perfect timing considering I am now a poor student. How annoying.

Anyway, my mum treated me to some bits today. She doesn't do this often but when she does she's so generous the cutie :) She's a "money saving expert" and always gets bargains, but she does like to treat me every now and then, so it was a bit of a surprise when she bought me such lovely things! I got two pairs of shoes and thigh high socks from River Island and some more socks and leopard print gloves and scarf from H&M. We went to pay in H&M and realised the leather trousers i'd picked up had a big rip in the back seam, and they only offered us a £3 discount! So I left them and she just ordered them for me online along with a fur fox tail. I'm a happy girl :) Retail therapy definitely puts me in a good mood.

Brogues £20, boots £40, both River Island.

White socks £5.99, H&M, beige socks £8, River Island.

Gloves £12.99, scarf £7.99, both H&M.

I ordered these two online, can't wait till they arrive:



  1. oh wow, those gloves are amazing!

  2. Amazing blog, and I love the gloves and scarf!

  3. Your hair is so legit! I want those boots :)


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