Thursday, 22 September 2011


I am seeing Rihanna live at the O2 in two weeks! Sooo excited. But more importantly what am I going to wear?!?! I need to get planning and I need a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Night Walks pronto.

A bit of a coincidence, there's this jumper I fell in love with that she was wearing in her Only Girl video. I love the video, it's so vintage, the flowers and pastel colours are so cute with her red hair. I spotted a jumper really similar from River Island a while ago, but it was around £35 which is a bit much for a bargain hunter like me! I searched for it on eBay but failed at finding one.

Then today, whilst tidying up rails in the charity shop I was working in, I ONLY FOUND IT DIDN'T I?! I literally died, I have wanted it for so long and I gave up in the end. It was hiding behind some gross fleeces and granny coats. It is sooo perfect! I'm so happy!

It's the cutest, softest fabric, I think the style is called "eyelash". Can't wait to wear it in the winter!


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  1. I am beyond jealous of you seeing Rihanna, she is such a beautiful and talented girl! great find on the jumper!


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