Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Feeling creative

For some reason I was really motivated today to actually get up and do something productive! Yesterday I bought some fabric and elastic and planned to make a couple of maxi skirts. I'm so glad I did, I usually start a project then end up getting distracted and leaving it half finished, but I actually finished this one and made  two skirts! I also made another leopard print cross top from my tutorial here. I am quite tall and find it so hard to find maxi skirts that are the right length. I also like them high waisted which makes it even harder to find that perfect one. They also seem to be very expensive, in River Island I saw one I liked but it was like, £40! I thought sod that i'll make my own. It seemed pretty easy so I bought the material and just hoped it would go right, I didn't use a tutorial or anything. I made a bright pink one out of a silky fabric (to match my hair!) and a sheer white one.

From this... into these!

I also bought a new hanging rail for my room. Two wardrobes isn't enough anymore! It's so cute, it matches my room perfectly. It's cream and vintage style, too cute! I'm using it just for my favourite clothes, and clothes that i've never worn so hopefully it will encourage me to wear them for once!

In other news, I start university on Monday! I'm nervous but excited too. Freshers week should be good fun! I've been sitting around doing nothing all summer so i'm glad i'll finally be able to wear all my new clothes out... I don't go out much as it's always raining and most of my friends work full time, so I never really get to dress nicely. If I do it's just for a photo for Lookbook or something, and that's effort!


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